Warm sand under your feet. The sound of lapping waves. Salt sea water on your lips. Crabbing, camp fires and long twilit summer evenings…


We all remember the never-ending summer holidays of our childhood.


I have many wonderful memories from my childhood and youth. But, like most adults, I have also forgotten much. That was especially clear to me when I became a mother myself and saw how quickly many of the adventures we shared as a family slip from our memory. That made it even more important for me to preserve our special family memories, as a gift that my children can take with them in life.


Today I live on the coast in Lacanau Ocean. One spring day I was walking along the water’s edge, barefoot for the first time after a long, dark winter. I felt the warm sand under my feet. Heard the sound of the lapping waves. Tasted the salt sea water on my lips.


That was when the idea for sand n’ salt was born.