Sand n’ Salt are proud to present to you a collaboration with ExcaliCare, a non-profit organisation offering rehabilitation programmes for children/teens with cancer. This September 2015, ExcaliCare launches a pilot project named ‘Cool Camp’, targeting around 20 youngsters with cancer, from all over Denmark. Volunteers together with doctors and nurses from four different cancer divisions around the country will also take part.


Sand n’ Salt have donated specially made bracelets for the project, in an ExcaliCare colour theme of greens and yellows. The bracelet both symbolizes unity, hope and happiness and when worn, the bonds between the participants are strengthened. We believe that the core of the Sand n’ Salt spirit is truly manifested in this project and we are very happy to be part of and support this memorable journey.


With every purchase of an ExcaliCare bracelet, we donate 10% to the cause. Show your support in the fight against cancer by purchasing a bracelet!



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To read more about the ExcaliCare organisation and the pilot project, please visit